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THERMASHIELD the new advanced technology of physical cross linked polyolefin foam insulation with their added irradiation processes which increased the thermal conductivity and enhance insulation properties. Thermashield proves as an All-in-one insulation and it’s built in Acrylic Adhesive system that provides an easy install feature in which other adhesives and supports are now unnecessary. The fine ergonomics and advanced features make it a one of a kind material. In this modern world today, all you need is a thermal shield, and it’s called “ THERMASHIELD”

1. Easy to Install & Cost Efficient – Thermashield does not require any additional chemicals on the installation process.

2. Noise Reduction – Thermashield also has the ability to reduce noise. It also acts as a sound insulation due to its closed-cell structure and an excellent dampening of vibrations.

3. Fire Repellant – Thermashield gives a fully fire repellant body in which its chemical compound stops the spread of fire just within a second.

4. Fiber free – Does not emit fibers in installation or service.

5. CFC and HCFC FREE – Environment Friendly does not contain any CFCs, and HCFCs, which can damage the ozone in the atmosphere; Asbestos free, and be classified as not classifiable as to carcinogenicity to humans .

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